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Blue Skies Aviation

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Aircraft Management with a Personal Touch.

A turnkey aircraft maintenance and crew management solution for executive jet owners.

Aircraft ownership has become more appealing than ever before, thanks to tax benefits written into U.S. law in 2018.

But having a corporate aircraft calls for care and attention to a host of details.

We can assist with:

  • Asset acquisition; annual budget and cash flow forecasting.
  • Aircraft maintenance and management and ongoing cost controls, including protocols such as  Safety Management Systems (SMS) that ensure safe and efficient operation
  • Management in accordance with appropriate regulations (FAA or ICAO.)
  • Aircraft dispatch, which includes scheduling and coordination with
    airports, fixed-base operators, ground transportation and other
  • Hire, train, supervise and retain pilots and other crew members in compliance with regulations and standards.
Blue Skies Manages this Gulfstream IV

Levels of Service

Blue Skies Aviation offers aircraft management assistance with any or all of these aspects of aircraft ownership and operation—from a one-time consultation on a specific operational question, to outsourcing certain elements of your program, to delivery of a turnkey operation and facility.

Unlike the large aviation management organizations, Blue Skies Aviation offers a personal touch: You can consult directly with a knowledgeable pilot and aviation manager at your convenience.

Quick Consultation

Whether you are an organization with several aircraft or an individual looking to purchase your first corporate jet, chances are you are not an expert on airplane maintenance, operations or finances. We’re confident that, with as little as a phone call, Blue Skies Aviation consultants help you save money and fly easier.

Expert Consultation

Let us set up a consultation to go through a comprehensive checklist of all aspects of your program where you might be able to save time and money. We’ll look at everything from faa approved operations to maintenance, to personnel, to accounting. At the end we’ll walk you through our findings and help you make the right choice for your aircraft program.

As-Needed Services
Maybe you want to hire pilots and staff for your aircraft. Or maybe you have major aircraft maintenance coming up and want to make sure you’re not getting inflated price. Bring in Blue Skies Aviation to streamline your process. We’ll save you money and headaches so you can go back to doing what you do well—running your business.
Turnkey Operation
The complexities of developing an aviation department and overseeing ongoing operation, management and maintenance can be like getting involved in a whole new company. Blue Skies Aviation will take care of all of these worries, delivering a turnkey operation and facility.

Working With

Blue Skies Aviation

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Our services cover all aspects of aircraft ownership and operation.

We will work with you to tailor a management package suited to your operational requirements, which can include any or all of the services you need.