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You’re the proud owner of a beautiful jet… congratulations. But, how much time and effort do you put into managing your aircraft?

A great many decisions and details need regular attention, many of which are outside the experience of most business people or casual fliers. These include financial, regulatory, staffing and logistical decisions that can take the joy out of your aircraft owner experience. Don’t let ownership become a chore, let us take the work and frustration out of your ownership experience.

Our mission is to provide the most complete aircraft management services with the personal touch you deserve.

Here are three benefits of using Blue Skies Aviation:

#1 – One-time consultation or full-service management services

We provide you with flexibility to ask specific operational questions and get expert advise or to outsource the whole range of decisions and details.

Flying for pleasure or business is easier when you know you have a team of experts beside you for guidance. Our initial consultation uses a simple checklist for all aspects of aircraft management to quickly determine where you can save time and money by applying our experience and resources as an aircraft management company.

We are your advisers for everything from operations to maintenance, from crew management to dispatching, and even to accounting. We help you make the right decisions for your unique situation and aircraft management program.

#2 – Aircraft maintenance to ensure safety

Blue Skies Aviation will oversee regular aircraft management services and maintenance procedures on your aircraft to ensure the highest possible level of safety and readiness without excessive expenses.

This can include cleaning and services before or after flights of your executive jet, verifying compliance with all current regulatory requirements, and documenting all work to maintain warranties and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

If this work is outsourced, we supervise the operations to ensure they are complete and accurate. We help you negotiate contracts and avoid overcharges.

#3 – Hassle-free dispatching & flight handling

Few people like paperwork, but in aviation, documentation can be critical.

We provide you with the most cost-effective routings and filings for your flight plans so you don’t have to spend your time researching airspaces, weather patterns, noise restrictions and other factors that impact the flight.

You simply provide the details (passengers, destination, schedule) and we do the rest!

We monitor weather conditions to give you the latest information at your destination and en route. If necessary, we’ll provide alternative destinations or routes to avoid weather hazards.

Restricted air spaces are constantly changing, especially in larger urban areas. We monitor these details to ensure your safe passage to your destination and if needed, update your flight plans en route.

These are just a few of the services available through Blue Skies Aviation, LLC.

Whatever your needs for aircraft management, give us a call today. We’ll help you make an informed decision to meet your needs. Blue Skies ensures that you and your family or team can enjoy taking to the skies, free of frustration!